PS. Brands

Music is part of the fabric of our world. We grew up listening to music and are surrounded by it throughout our lives. It helps to define our cultural and personal identities, and soundtracks the adventures and changes we all go through. Music shapes who are we, and companies, brands and entrepreneurs are increasingly aware that incorporating music into their marketing strategies is vital in attracting and maintaining customers. The days when it was just about associating a catchy tune to your product are long gone.
People are too smart for something as basic as that. In these days of social media, music streaming services, algorithms and immersive online experiences, we’re looking for something that reflects our lives rather than simply trying to grab our attention to sell us something. It’s much more about bringing together all these strands in a way that truly enhances our lifestyle. From music to accompany our fitness regimes and video game culture to Saturday nights in our favourite bar or quiet moments alone by the sea, this is where Personal Streamer comes in.
The traditional music industry model is based on bringing two sides together: artists, record labels, event promoters, venues, radio stations and more on one side with the listeners, concertgoers and consumers on the other side. The digital revolution has changed all that, however, and these lines have become blurred. This is a challenge for businesses, but at the same time, it can also bring exciting new opportunities.